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Designing an Agricultural Loan and Investment App — A UI/UX Case Study

Roles — UI/UX Designer & User Researcher

Tools — Figma

Timeline — 4 weeks


Food is an essential commodity of life and farmers are very important in that circle too, but what happens when farmers can’t perform at their best because they can’t access affordable loans and proper funding, everybody goes hungry is what happens.

This project was for the SauceCode Hackathon which was held in November 2020. This was a team project and I was the UI/UX designer on the team of a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a mobile developer.

The Challenge

A lot of people would like to…

An image depicting depth using drop shadows
An image depicting depth with the use of drop shadows

Depth perception is defined as “the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object.”. So, to sum it up, depth in design is the ability to create that sense of dimension and distance within your designs.

This week the task assigned at the WeJapa Internships had to do with depth in design and showing how important the concept was. I started this task first by making use of the video and text resources at my disposal which thankfully, were all provided by the internship’s mentors. This was really helpful as it made…


I was faced with creating a landing page for a restaurant with the use of mainly typography and as little images as possible. Illustrations were not to be used and from the brief provided, this landing page was to be as minimal as possible and in the process conveying the principles of good design. Colored as well as grayscale versions of this landing page were to be also created.


Before setting up my Figma board for the design of the landing page I needed to draw inspiration and create a moodboard to help me have a view of…

Design is a profession and just like every profession, there are a set of laid out guidelines and principles that ensure we stay true to what it stands for and don’t deviate from it.

There are six(6) major design principles and in the course of this article we’ll be looking at them in-depth to ensure we have a grasp on how and why they are important.


I remember at the early stages of my design journey, typography was a pain in the neck for me mostly because I couldn’t always pair the right typefaces for the right projects. I didn’t…

Don’t just design, solve a problem— Unknown

I think before now, what design meant to me would have been a tough question to answer but lately I’ve come to have more clarity.

Design used to mean only aesthetics and “art” to me but as time went by I’ve come to realize it entails so much more, for example functionality is a very big part of design because at the end of the day if my designs don’t solve any problem then my work is not complete.

The need to join a community was a priority for me and I’m glad…


Product Designer • Minimalist

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